Edubuntu for Schools and Students

Edubuntu is basically an Ubuntu Live CD (with the Gnome window manager) that leaves out some of the more general programs in favor of educational, school-oriented, and kids' programs.

Windows Open Source

Ubuntu and Kubuntu have some open source Windows applications on the CD, but Edubuntu has none, possibly in order to make space for more educational programs.

Edubuntu Documentation

For more information about Edubuntu:

The Ubuntu Documentation Project

If you want printed documentation (about 100 pages each), you can order either of these from for about $6.50 US plus shipping (it is the production cost only). Or you can read them online or download the .pdf file and read it or print it yourself. For Edubuntu, use Use the Ubuntu one for general instructions and/or the Server Guide if you will be setting up a network using an Ubuntu server. Go to to download these PDFs or read the books online.


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