Kubuntu with KDE

The main thing that is different in Kubuntu is that it uses the KDE desktop environment instead of Gnome. KDE looks more like Windows, so if you basically like the Windows desktop you might prefer KDE to Gnome.

Windows Open Source in Kubuntu

If you insert the Kubuntu Desktop CD while Windows is running, and wait about 30 seconds, a special browser will pop up that allows you to install some free, open source software for Windows. Notice that a few are the same as in Ubuntu, but many are different. All these programs are also available for Kubuntu:

  • KDE-PIM — Personal Information Manager from KDE.
  • Kexi — Full-featured database.
  • Scribus — Advanced desktop publishing.
  • Mozilla Firefox — A secure and fast web browser.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird — A full-fledged email client – Reclaim your inbox!

The Ubuntu Documentation Project

If you want printed documentation (about 100 pages each), you can order either of from www.lulu.com/ubuntu-doc for about $6.50 US plus shipping (it is the production cost only). Or you can read them online or download the .pdf file and read it or print it yourself. Use the Kubuntu one for general instructions and/or the Server Guide if you will be setting up a network using an Ubuntu server. Go to help.ubuntu.com to download these PDFs or read the books online.


Printed from http://bzmx.net/linux — Kubuntu with KDE.