Purpose for Our Celebration

From the the Software Freedom Day website, "Software Freedom Day is a global, grassroots effort to educate the public about the virtues and availability of Free and Open Source Software."

Linux.bz had been spearheading the promotion of FLOSS (Free/Libre/OpenSource/Software) in Belize for ten years now. They have presented workshops geared for open source and Linux since 2000. These have been geared toward an introduction to Linux, security, graphics programs, and office applications.

Many people are familiar with Microsoft’s Word and Excel, but many of those people do not know there are other applications that can do the job just as well if not better, and they are free. For the past several years there have been tens of thousands of programmers who have been working together to improve and build the software in the open source movement.

Belize got involved in Software Freedom Day in 2006. There was a Software Freedom Day/Open House at Corozal Community College on September 15, 2006. Below is a little about how it began.

Jan and Judy Wilson, Kareem Young, and Nydia Correa were priviledged to attend the international Debian (an open source distribution) Conference in Oaxtepec, Mexico in May of 2006. They were thrilled to be able to have breakfast with Mark Shuttleworth, who is most responsible for the development of Ubuntu, one of the most popular distributions of Linux today.

Members of the Belize team had been impressed with a video presentation Mark did at a conference previously. Everyone loved the name Ubuntu, an African word with a spirit of sharing, giving, connectedness, and generosity. This is the spirit of open source.

The SFD turnout in 2006 was a little disappointing, so in order to reach a much larger audience, the event will be held in Belize City at the Belize Chamber of Commerce Expo on September 15-16.

You are invited to visit the SFD booth and talk with team members. They will be on hand to demonstrate how it works and tell you what might be useful for you.

The Belize Software Freedom Day team wants to be a part of the effort to spread to the world about how great a wonderful tool like the computer can be in this spirit of co-operation.


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