Software Freedom Day 2007 Team

These are the members of the Belize SFD team for 2007. We have a little information about them.

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The SFD team this year is again headed up by Judy Wilson. For the past few months she had also been serving on the Board of Software Freedom International. She has been supporting her husband, Jan, in his open source efforts since 1997. She does most of the public relations, marketing, and organization for everything involving She also does much of the graphics work for webpages and fliers for projects that involve

Jan Wilson has been promoting open source for ten years now. He was the lab administrator at CCC/CJC for nine years. The lab has been running open source software since 1998, and Jan has led several Linux workshops in the country. Since retiring from teaching in 2004, he continues to be involved in open source projects and promotion. For several years he has been programming Markus, an open source grades program now being used by several high schools and junior colleges in Belize.

Endevora Jorgenson has been the principal of CCC since 2002. She is a major proponent of open source tools and supports the use of open source in her school. She was instrumental in getting a new building and two new labs at CCC that run all open source software. CCC is a major sponsor for SFD in Belize.

Jose Mai has been the dean of Corozal Junior Collge since 1999. He has been very supportive of the open source model since Jan Wilson put it into the CJC computer lab, and he continues to support the open source efforts of his staff. CJC is a major sponsor of Software Freedom Day in Belize.

Kareem Young began to be interested in open source when he was a student of Jan Wilson’s in high school and sixth form. He has attended almost every workshop has presented. He is currently studying networking at the Universidad de Quintana Roo. He is the head of the ITS team at CCC/CJC.

Nydia Correa is a graduate of the Universidad Latina de Costa Rica, where she studied computer science and information technology. She returned to Corozal at the time Jan Wilson was retiring from teaching. She worked with him for several weeks learning the open source system used at the lab at CCC and CJC. She is now the Junior College lab administrator, teaches, and works on the ITS team.

Omar Riverol, also a former CCC student, received a B.S. in Business from Murray State University in Kentucky. He joined the CJC faculty in August, 2006.

Emir Perezhad been attending workshops, classes, and learning about and using open source tools for over six years. He likes to sing the praises of open source. He was on the CCC IT faculty from 2005 until 2007. He currently works for the Ministry of Finance for the Government of Belize. He will be a member of the SFD team for 2007.

Lt. Roberto Guerra is with the BDF, and is avidly committed to open source, encouraging the use of Linux/ open source in any way he can.

Henry Martinez is the IT administrtor for Eden S.D.A. High School in Santa Elena. He was introduced to Linux/open source under the tutelage of Les Johnstone at Sacred Heart College, and uses it in his school. He is also using Markus, the open source grades program developed in Belize for schools.

Andronico Tut is a teacher with Henry Martinez at Eden S.D.A. High school. Eden is a sponsor of SFD in Belize.

Gian Parham is the lab administrator at St. Ignatius High School in Santa Elena. This school is using the open source Markus grades program developed in Belize, and they use Linux/open source servers in their lab. Gian has a BS degree in engineering, but became fascinated with computer technology while repairing power supplies at the University of Belize! He is mostly self-taught (often the best kind ) when it comes to his computer endeavors. St. Ignatius is a sponsor of the Belize SFD 2007

Carlos Lopez worked at CCC for several years in the open source efforts before he went on study leave in 2005. He has recently returned to the CCC IT staff.

Silvino and Faride Riverol of Far World Tech in Orange Walk have also joinged the SFD Team. We don’t have pictures yet.


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