Xubuntu for Limited Resources

If you are using a computer that is older, and you find that Ubuntu, Kubuntu, or Edubuntu will not run on it, or it loads but everything seems too slow, you might try Xubuntu. This version is very similar to Ubuntu, but it uses Xfce, a lightweight window manager, instead of Gnome or KDE.

Like Edubuntu, Xubuntu does not seem to have any open source Windows applications on the Live CD.

For more information about Xubuntu, go to

The Ubuntu Documentation Project

If you want printed documentation (about 100 pages each), you can order either of from http://www.lulu.com/ubuntu-doc for about $6.50 US plus shipping (it is the production cost only). Or you can read them online or download the .pdf file and read it or print it yourself. Use the Xubuntu one for general instructions and/or the Server Guide if you will be setting up a network using an Ubuntu server. Go to https://help.ubuntu.com to download these PDFs or read the books online.

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