A brand-new freelancer platform where you can hire Linux experts

Linux News

Smartlation Translation Services joined hands with Linux Institute and IGMI and announced IGMI.io, a brand-new freelancer platform where you can hire Linux experts for all your Linux needs.

They offer very low fees of ten percent (10%) for service providers, while the platform remains free for service buyers. To offer only high quality services, service providers are being filtered and only the most experienced and advanced providers are allowed to sell their expertise.

Whether you are a Linux Guru or a marketer; if you specialize in Linux and Open Source software, then IGMI is the place where you will find a wide range of high quality services.

Unfortunately, IGMI does not allow everybody to share their services, because they only want to promote experts. However, free training is offered to a candidate, should he/she wish to sell a service through IGMI.

According to Fernando Argañik one of the reasons this platform was created was due to the large amount of inexperienced service providers and scammers offering sensitive services like firewalls and accessing client’s servers with inadequate knowledge. This is also the reason why the assistance of Smartlation was asked, as they have sufficient experience in filtering inexperienced translators.

The main objective of IGMI is the prevention low quality services economically. Providers may offer their services for as low as $5 or even less, while project managers keep an eye on the quality and originality of the service offered.

Fernando said that while planning IGMI, the needs of their service provides as well as customers in need of expert services was taken in consideration. In contrast with other freelancing platforms IGMI revolutionized the payment policy on the freelancer platform. There’s no need for members to wait fourteen or twenty-one days before they get paid, neither do they have to pay unreasonably high fees. Clearance times are kept to the minimum and service providers pay a very low fee.

A company serious about their business, should have 24/7 technical backup and a sysadmin when they host their services under Linux. This makes IGMI very attractive to businesses running on Linux. This is also a great opportunity for businesses just starting out and in need of a Linux sysadmin, finding themselves in a position where they lack the proper finances employing a sysadmin when a serious problem arises.

IGMI is a must for Open Source and Linux software coders, making possible to find a professional for every production’s step, from the development stage to specialized marketing in the open source industry.

Some of the services offered at IGMI include, but is not limited to: Sysadmin, Programming and IT, Video & Audio, Marketing, Linux Copywriters and Security.

With this Linux freelancing platform in place, there is no need for a sysadmin to sit eight hours a day unproductively in an office, but they will have the option of serving multiple customers simultaneously. Depending on the complexity of a project, several projects can be completed per day.

A lot of Linux professionals find it extremely difficult to access foreign markets, although they might be geniuses in IT and this is where IGMI makes it possible for geeks to sell their knowledge easily.